Friday, 18 January 2013

Khurasan Red Faction VTAL Gunships

Our very good pal Fran bought these Red Faction DOE VTOL Gunships from Khurasan Miniatures  late last year, here's a link to Khurasan website.
Here's what Khurasan say about them:
"Formidable, sinister-looking Red Faction attack VTOL, heavily armed yet still large enough to carry a team of Speznatz or lesser troops into combat. A more complex resin and pewter kit than your average bear (or hind). For some assembly hints, check out this blog post. Gear can be modeled up or down (both options are shown in the exploded view in the image linked below). The kit does not come with a flight base -- a pewter base can be purchased separately (inquire if interested)."

I was with Fran when he opened the box with these two vehicles in, he seemed very pleased with them, then realised he had absolutely no chance of putting them together himself, if you read his blog you'll know why, basically he's Irish, miserable and he's got no patience what so ever!
He then asked is Battleaxe wanted to make and paint them up, how could I refuse?? Believe it or not, I've got a little more patience than the Irishman, only just, but Posties got stacks, so they were shipped back to his house for the glueing and fixing and I'd handle the painting. I popped around Posties a couple of days later and was greeted by "You wait until I see that git, no wonder he didn't want to make these up" and he went on just like that for quite some time!!!!

Anyway below are a few photo's of the end product, you can see a few more pics over on Fran's blog.