Thursday, 21 February 2013

What I've been up to?

Gripping Beast Spanish Archers

Bad me, I've been neglecting our Battleaxe blog for nearly a month!!1 So I thought I'd share a few pics of some of the units that have been painted up recently. Some are for my own personal collection and some are up for sale. We're off to Cavalier at Tonbridge on Sunday so we may take a chance and try and sell some figures at the show, so if you are interested in anything , please let me know before Sunday morning.

25mm Victorian Coppers from Foundry
For Sale 

25mm Foundry/Citidal figures Samuari
For Sale
£4 each
The figure in red is already sold.

Not the best photo I've ever taken?
28mm Mongoose Miniatures
Judge Dredd "The Angel Gang"

15mm Essex Miniatures English Grenadiers for the Grand Alliance/WSS
My own personal collection

15mm Essex Miniatures Jacobite Horse Parkers regt for the Battle
of the Boyne, once again for my own personal collection.

15mm Essex Miniatures 
Scots Jacobite Horse for the Battle of Killiecrankie
for my own personal collection.

Two units of Militia Horse for the English army at the Battle of Killiecrankie
Once again both for my personal collection.