Saturday 2 November 2013

WWI German Uhlans

Blimey times flown since my last post here!!! Here's a few pics of a unit of WWI German Uhlans the 18th Saxon Uhlans to be precise.from Great War Miniatures. Matt, who we painted them for seemed pleased with them, so we're painting up more WWI bits for him!

Friday 30 August 2013

All Quiet over here??

As the title suggest there's not much going on at Battleaxe HQ at the moment, my new job has taken me away from the painting desk for far too long. Fingers crossed we may have a little work soon. We do have plenty of unpainted lead and plastic to get our teeth into, I feel a plan coming on.
Keep plugging away


Saturday 22 June 2013

The Duke of Marlborough - Front Rank

I had an email from fellow blogger Dave from A Wargaming Odyssey, he wanted us to paint up a figure of John Churchill the 1st Duke of Marlborough, for one of his pals. So the figure was purchased from Front Rank and delivered into Dave's hands at Broadside a couple of weeks ago. Dave was quite pleased with the figure as was I, it was a great figure to paint up, Front Rank figures just seem to paint themselves, they're so easy, in fact a pleasure!!!

Monday 17 June 2013

Redoubt Miniatures - Wild West Train by Battleaxe

At Salute this year while chatting away to  blogger Mike, from MiniStories he asked if we'd like to paint up the Wild West train he'd just bought from Redoubt Miniatures. A deal was struck as we walked over to the Redoubt stand to pick the train up.
Now I can't claim that I've done any of the work on the train, this was 99.9999999% Posties work.  I'm not known as a real patient man, but Postie is loaded with it! Ask Fran? Both us and Mike didn't realise that the train came in kit form!!! When Posties called me to come check out the train, I must admit to being both surprised and horrified at all the little pieces of the puzzle that was laid out on the table! 
Bloody Hell!!!! were my words (well, they weren't really, it was a lot worse language than that!) After seeing my face Postie decided he'd stick the train together and I'd that I'd do the painting. It took Postie 3 weeks to put the train and its carriages together as it was a complete bugger, (his own words). There were over 150 pieces to the kit!!!!! I asked to see the instructions "What bloody instructions???" Postie answered.  He found it was better to ignore the ones supplied and use his common sense! (what common sense I thought!!)
Some parts didn't fit and needed filing down, some needed filling and some was even missing. A quick call to Mike and Redoubt soon sorted that problem though.
Postie called me a few days ago and said "Come see the train" I was very surprised to see that he'd painted it all up as well!!! what a good boy, give him a lollipop!!

But I'm sure you'll all agree Postie did a fine job!!
So if you buy the Redoubt train, please hand it to the nearest professional model maker, Postie said "Not Him", they're letting him out a week Tuesday, the drugs and shock therapy have started to work!

Postie didn't stick the doors on, they both slide up and down, should work great for skirmish games!

Postie had a lot of trouble fixing the male and female couplings, as they didn't match height wise, so he made the best job he could, he also made his own version of the pins as they ones supplied weren't man enough for the job. 

He also had to add wire to the top of the ladders as they weren't long enough.

Wednesday 5 June 2013

Front Rank - Spanish Dragoon officer

Oh Dear, I seem to have missed out posting in May. 
I painted up this and a few other Napoleonic figures, for our pal and fellow Reject Ian.
The figures is a Front Rank Napoleonic Spanish Horse/Dragoon Officer code SNC5. The figure is painted up to represent an officer from the Almansa Dragoon regiment.

Sunday 14 April 2013

Mongoose Miniatures - Judge Dredd - The Angel Gang

I bought these fine looking fellows at Skirmish in Sidcup last year from Mongoose Miniatures for £19.99. They're up on Ebay at the moment for £49.99, if anyone's interested????





Mean Machine

Saturday 13 April 2013

25mm Persians & Greeks Old School figures - For Sale

Posties going through his collection trying to trim it down. He's a massive 25mm Ancients collection and he's decided to sell some of the Old School figures. I'm not sure of the make of most of the figures, perhaps you do?? Email me if your interested?
Lot 1 - 7 Persian Mounted Archers £4.99 &  P+P

Lot 2 - 18 Persian Infantry £9.99 &  P+P

Lot 3 - 26 Persian Infantry £12.99 &  P+P

Lot 4 - MiniFigs Spartans
2 x Spartan Hoplites 16 figs each
12 Light Infantry
A Command Base 3 figs
£19.99 &  P+P