Saturday, 2 November 2013

WWI German Uhlans

Blimey times flown since my last post here!!! Here's a few pics of a unit of WWI German Uhlans the 18th Saxon Uhlans to be precise.from Great War Miniatures. Matt, who we painted them for seemed pleased with them, so we're painting up more WWI bits for him!


  1. Great looking Uhlans, a fantastic paintjob!

  2. They look fantastic Ray! Very nice work.

  3. I can see why he is happy, anyone would be


  4. Fantastic work, Ray !
    Having just listened to the "Clash of Titans" audio book I'm in the mood to start something with WW I. But too many other project...


  5. Sorry for the late review; but these look great - I prefer the early-War uniforms (picklehaubes, etc.), over the late-War stuff - although the camo'd stahlelms are also cool. Best, Dean

  6. Must take some steady hands to do such a good job!

  7. A great job!
    Very well painted, these miniatures.
    The Gratwar produces excellent models.

  8. Great paintjob! Inspirational blog.I will now start following your projects. :)

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