Sunday, 17 March 2013

25mm Napoleonic - 5/60th Rifles, For Sale

Just a quick update, here's a unit that Battleaxe painted up last month. The 5/60th Royal American Rifles during the Napoleonic Wars. The figures are from Front Rank, which were a joy to paint. I have heard some people say that they're not keen on Front Rank. I think they great figures and are so easy to paint up they almost paint themselves!! They could do with a little variation in pose, but hey ho you can't have it all??
There was another almost identical unit to go with this one, it just had a different leader figure. But that was the unit pinched at Cavalier last month!!
These are up for sale at the moment for the extremely cheap price of £40!


  1. Very Nice Ray. My first Napoleonics at 28mm were Front rank, they do almost paint themselves but as you mentioned a lack of poses for many ranges, compared to more recent sculpts

  2. Great looking riflemen Ray!

  3. I like the riflemen, Ray. So far I only have Perry and Victrix plastic. Although, I may aqquire a few metal for skirmishers/ deserters/scouts from other units. You can never have too many French troops for Sharpe to fight! ;)

  4. Nice work you old battle axe (brush)! The diorama is nicely done and is a great way to advertise your prowess with a bush and paint, and how the troops will look on the field of battle! Cool Ray!

  5. Nice Painting Ray, the unit looks good.